Saturday, April 2, 2011


The days are getting away from me, like they always seem to when I’m enjoying myself.  Tuesday I woke up ready for Halloween. My face was burnt, especially my nose making the perfect Rudolph costume. It was a slow day, after working all day Monday and standing pretty much the whole time, I was feeling too energetic the next day. However, I’m only in L.A. for a little while so I can’t imagine doing nothing for a whole day. So off Kelly and I went to Hollywood. We met up with Meredith, and nice woman, pretty and tall. She is aspiring to be an actress and is currently working as an extra. It’s crazy to think that people can make a living being an extra, but I’m sure thousands of people do it.

We drive on the highway, packed with cars at 2 in the afternoon. Our windows are rolled down, and the songs of Billy Joel are entertaining us. Lunch is at Big Wangs. A cool little sports bar. It reminded me of Hooters when I saw that the back of the servers shirt read, “size matters.”  Okay fine, but I’m not an advocate of provocative marketing, thanks anyway. I ignored it and continued my conversation with the girls. It just happened to be $1 taco day, so I decided to try them. I know, risky for me.

That was the first time I ever ordered a taco out, admittedly. But I figured if it was awful, not such a big loss. This is where Big Wang’s saying really got to me. As brave as I was I ordered one taco to start, when it arrived it came on a soft shell that was the size of a CD. I smiled, really? Size matters, huh? Then give me a taco sized for a person, thanks. Jeez. Regardless of its size and the fact that I finished it in two bites, it was delicious!

It was time to see some sights. I saw the Chinese Theatre-really cool outside! Helen Mirren just had her cement thing done and it was drying in front of the theatre. There were a bunch of characters all over the street area. I got a picture of Batman standing on a fire hydrant.
“The Hollywood sign!” I exclaim at my first sighting. That was the coolest thing I’ve seen thus far. There’s this cool outdoor mall connected to the Kodak Theatre and a big wall with Egyptian style figures (I have no idea why). There were different levels you could go to and see the sign. That’s where I got my picture taken.

They already have the academy award winner for 2010 up, The King’s Speech. Meredith said that this area is like the Times Square of LA. If that’s the case it’s a bit disappointing. The LA area is so big, it’s difficult to see it all, and it’s really spread out which is something that I’m not used to.

The next day was my first day at the beach, seeing the Pacific Ocean! We were on Santa Monica’s beach. It was really gorgeous with the mountains. That is something the east coast is lacking. It always is windy, and since it’s not really warm I am not a fan.  I’m the kind of person who doesn’t mind sweating because of the heat. There is a cool boardwalk at this beach. There is a ferris wheel, roller coaster and other carnival-like attractions. Of course there are entertainers as well.

A woman belly dancing, a guy juggling, a magician, and so many others. While on the beach I read a book on the stock market, yes I might be relaxing, but I’m still working! Finally after a bit of temptation I attempted to try to water. Okay, people have informed me that the water would be waaaay too cold to swim in, but I was hoping they were wrong ;).  So I stood in the wet sand and waited for the tide to wash over my feet. Yikes, it was way colder than I wanted to admit. With my head down I wandered back to my towel. The water tempted me for the rest of the day, looking so appealing but knowing that I wouldn’t enjoy what I saw. This was also the first day that I took a yoga class! I went to Power Yoga in downtown Santa Monica! I took a class with the owner, Bryan Kest.

The studio was up a flight of green stairs, and was lined with windows opening up to the adjacent building. I was fairly early and didn’t exactly know where to set up. I put my mat down against one of the walls, but not really sure which way to face. That’s when I realized I had never taken a class like this before. By the start time the room was packed and there might’ve been six inches between each person. Well, it didn’t really matter which was I was facing because Bryan was not doing the postures with us. He walked around the whole time, calling out instructions. It was really an interesting style, and a great workout. After class I walked around downtown. There are a lot of nice places and shops. Then I went on the beach to work on my tan. It’s been rough but I think I’ll make it. :)

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